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Petoskey Department of Public Safety issues parking citations in yellow envelopes and include all winter parking violations as well as any violation that occurs on school property.  All violations are set at $25, with the exception of handicap parking violations which are $50.  Fines must be paid in full within 72 hours or additional fees may apply. These tickets may be paid by mail or in person at our office, 101 East Lake Street, or you may submit payment in the envelope provided to any FINE box located downtown.

If you would like to request for a review of your parking citation, you may fill out a request in our office or click here to submit it electronically.  

To review the parking ordinances for the City, click here

For information on winter parking restrictions, click here.

The Downtown Parking Bureau issues parking citations in orange envelopes.  These citations must be handled by their office.   They can be reached at  231-439-9124 or at their website

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