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Zoning FAQs

Zoning FAQs

I want to build a shed on my property, what permits do I need?
A zoning permit is required for all accessory buildings.  If the shed is greater than 200 Square Feet, it will also require a building permit through the Emmet County Building Department.
What permits do I need for an addition to my home?
An addition will require a zoning permit through the City and a building permit through the Emmet County Building Department.
Can I use my property as a vacation rental?
As of June 1, 2014, vacation rentals – or renting of residential property for less than 30 days – is only allowed in a business district with a City license.  New vacation rentals are not allowed in residential districts.
Are food trucks allowed in the City of Petoskey?
Commercial activity in parks or rights-of-way is only allowed in conjunction with a community event. 

Food trucks are allowed per ordinance.   Click here for more information concerning mobile food vending units.
How can I determine if my property is in a business district?
You can check the zoning map available here, or contact the Zoning Administrator at 347-2500.
Do I need a permit to put up a fence?
Yes, a fence permit is required and can be found by clicking here.
What are the restrictions on garage or yard sales?
Residential events such as garage sales, yard sales, porch sales, moving sales, etc., are allowed for three (3) days in any 90 day period.  The 90 day period begins at the end of the first event.

Signs cannot be placed in the public right-of-way (between the sidewalk and curb or if there is no sidewalk, signs should be placed no closer than 15 feet from the curb), in islands or on power poles, electrical boxes, traffic signals or trees.
What is the zoning of a particular property?
The Zoning Map can be found here or you can contact the Zoning Administrator at 231-347-2500.
Who should I contact if I believe my neighbor is not complying with the Zoning Ordinance?
Please contact the Zoning Administrator at 231-347-2500.
When is a sign permit required?
All permanent signs require permits and when there is a temporary event occurring on a property, subject to ordinance restrictions.

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