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Skyline Trail

NCTA Trail Town Logo - no whiteLocation: Bear Creek Township (T34 N-R5W, Sections 22-26), with vehicular access off Krause and Brubaker Roads.   Size: 800 acres.   Map to Park Area.

This large, remote property consists of mature Beech-Maple forests with open grasslands and wildlife habitat. The varied topography and existing ridgeline provide scenic views of the Petoskey area. Skyline Trail is located near other large parcels of State-owned forest properties, potentially creating opportunities for larger, connected patches of protected land. A segment of the North Country Trail system, as administered by the United States Department of the Interior’s National Park Service, transverses the property. Installed for use by the City’s Department of Public Safety personnel, but also available to the general public, is a firearms range.

  • Woodlands
  • Trail system
  • Firing range

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