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Clean Marina Program

Michigan Clean Marina Program

As participants in the Michigan Clean Marina Program (CMP), marinas voluntarily pledge to maintain and improve Michigan’s waterways by reducing or eliminating releases of harmful substances and phasing out practices that can damage aquatic environments.   To date, there are nearly 80 total program participants – more than 40 marinas have pledged to work toward certification and more than 30 marinas have been awarded certification. In the past year, 13 marinas were awarded certification and 7 were re-certified.

The Petoskey Marina initially received certification as a Michigan Clean Marina in April  2007 and was re-certified in 2010 until October 31st, 2015. In 2011, renovations to the marina services building enhanced our best practices. Some of the additions include motion sensitive light fixtures, energy efficient water heater, natural light features, additional stamped storm drains, new restroom fixtures, expanded pump-out services, and additional staff training.

The Petoskey City Marina proudly flies a Michigan Clean Marina flag everyday. 

Some of the benefits to becoming a certified Clean Marina include:

*Reducing pollution and improving water quality in the Great Lakes
*Protecting fish and wildlife habitat
*Enhancing public image by promoting environmentally sound practices
*Reducing costs by adopting best management practices

The Michigan Clean Marina Program is a partnership of Michigan Sea Grant, the Michigan Boating Industries Association, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth. The program is supported by the Michigan Clean Marina Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

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