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City Manager

The City Manager is the City’s chief administrative officer.  Under the council-manager form of local government, the City Council appoints a professionally trained and experienced City Manager to administer the day-to-day operations of the City, and to make recommendations to the City Council. The City Manager, who serves at the City Council's pleasure, prepares the City Council's meeting agenda, makes recommendations to the City Council, and attends all City Council meetings "with the right of voice, but not vote."  The City Council makes all policy decisions, including review, revision and final approval of the proposed annual budget.

The City Manager is responsible for the execution and enforcement of all laws, provisions of the City Charter, and acts of the City Council.  The City Manager annually presents to the City Council the City's proposed budget and capital improvements plan.  The City Manager also is in charge of the day- to-day operations of the City, including exclusive authority over, and appointments and supervision of City personnel. 

The City employs 76 persons full time and more than 52 persons part time within about 30 job titles. Excluding approximately 33 miles of street rights-of-way, the City owns about 1,400 acres of property, of which some 90 acres are non-parkland.

On a typical day, the City receives 20.19 calls for police, fire, or medical assistance, produces 1,165,000 gallons of drinking water and distributes 259,422 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

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