Old Town Emmet Neighborhood Plan


The Emmet Neighborhood is a unique part of the City, both for its rich history, and its prime location bordered by the downtown to the north and the Bear River to the west. It is, and has been historically, an important corridor of the community, but has often been seen as an area to pass through rather than an area to care about. Building upon the neighborhood assets is the focus of the planning process, which requires the participation of residents working together to change negative perceptions about the area.

The neighborhood is generally bordered by the Bear River on the west, downtown Petoskey on the north, Petoskey Street on the east and the intersection of Emmet Street and Buckley Avenue on the south, with some exceptions shown in Figure 1, as revised at the neighborhood open house held May 11, 2013.

Historically, the neighborhood housed many industries that took advantage of the Bear River, including several mills and power generating plants. The neighborhood has ten properties currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places, with many others that would meet the criteria to be placed on the register. Emmet Street bisects the neighborhood and was historically the main road into Petoskey from the south. As a major collector thoroughfare, the street continues to carry significant traffic.

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