Medical Marihuana Eligible Applicants

The City of Petoskey City Council held a special meeting on July 20, 2020 in the City Hall Council Chambers.  The first three eligible applicants will be able to proceed in the next step of requesting a Special Condition Use permit from the City’s Planning Commission.  City ordinance requires a separation distance of 500 feet between medical marihuana facilities.  City staff reviewed the order of the applications, and due to the proximity of the locations, only the first applicant (Ocean Capital LLC) is eligible to proceed to the Planning Commission at this time.  Additional applicants will be determined following the outcome of Ocean Capital’s application to the Planning Commission for a Special Condition Use.

The Planning Commission meets on the third Thursday of each month and plans are required to be submitted no later than the deadlines below.  Special Condition Uses must meet the standards of Section 1717 of the Zoning Ordinance, require a full site plan, public hearing and minimum of two Planning Commission meetings.  Below is a listing of deadlines for upcoming meetings.  If you have any questions regarding the Planning Commission requirements or process, please contact Amy Tweeten, City Planner, at or 231-347-2500.

Meeting Date                                   Submittal Deadline                       

Thursday, August 20                       Friday, August 7
Thursday, September 17                Friday, September 4
Thursday, October 15                     Friday, October 2
Thursday, November 19                 Friday, November 6
Thursday, December 17                 Friday, December 4

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