Parks & Rec Department Treating Black Swallow-Wort

Petoskey's Invader: The Black Swallow-Wort: An invasive species as defined by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, is ‘a species that is not native, and whose introduction causes harm or is likely to cause harm to an area’s economy, environment or human health’.  Black swallow-wort (Cynanchum louiseae), also known as dog strangling vine, is a such a species that has been introduced from Europe and invaded North America. Unfortunately, Petoskey hosts the largest infestation of this species in northern Michigan.  This plant is characterized by small, five petaled, star shaped flowers that are dark purple or black in color as well as opposite, glossy-like leaves.

To answer this threat, the City of Petoskey’s Department of Parks and Recreation is partnering with the regional CAKE CISMA through surveying and treating City parks. However, as this plant is predominantly found on private properties in residential areas, it is critical that City residents check their own properties for this nuisance and directly report any identified plants to the CAKE CISMA.

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