Rubbish Collection Program

The City's Weekly Residential Rubbish-Collection Program will consist of a spring and fall collection period. Spring collection will be for a period of two weeks which will occur the last two weeks in May. Fall collection will be for a period of two weeks in late August and early September. This four-week-long program will provide collection services to City residents located West of Howard Street on Tuesdays and to residents East of Howard Street on Wednesdays.

Weekly, residential, rubbish-drop-off-program services again will be provided by the City of Petoskey Department of Public Works crews within the Bay Harbor portion of the City. This four-weekend-long program will provide rubbish drop-off services during a two weekend period in the spring and a two weekend period in the fall. Drop off sites will be available at the southeast and southwest ends of Bay Harbor.

PLEASE NOTE: To conserve resources and LOTS of landfill space, mattresses should be recycled at Emmet County Recycling and will NOT be picked up as part of the City's Rubbish Collection program.