Petoskey News

Nov 15,2019

Final Leaf Pickup


Final leaf pickup will occur citywide, weather permitting, on Wednesday, November 20th and is expected to be completed by Thursday, November 21st.  This will be the final pickup.  Please have all leaves placed by 7:00 A.M. Wednesday morning.

After this date please do not place leaves in the street.  Leaves can be dropped off at the City’s yard waste facility located across from the DPW Building at 110 West Sheridan Street. 

Leaves should be placed PRIOR to the scheduled pickup date. Loose leaves should be piled in the gutter on streets with curbs and gutters or on the shoulder of streets without curbs. Leaves bagged in biodegradable bags only should be placed behind the curb on the green lawn. The pickup of brush is performed by a different crew, following a different schedule. Brush must be piled separately from leaves. Please do not pile anything on top of the leaves.

Nov 15,2019

DMB Cancels November Meeting

The Downtown Management Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 19, 2019 has been canceled due to a lack of agenda items.

Nov 08,2019

Lt. Troxel Receives "The Man of Action" Award

Lt. Todd Troxel was awarded the “The Man of Action” award from the Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan at a ceremony held on November 7. Lt. Troxel's caring, compassionate approach emphasizes his commitment to the well-being of women. Congratulations Lt. Troxel!

Nov 01,2019

2020 Proposed Annual Budget Issued

As is a routine, annual procedure, the City Manager issued the City's proposed 2020 Annual Budget October 31 - that totals $32,788,300 - within all 14 City funds. The City Council will accept the proposed budget at its November 4 meeting, and is expected to schedule a public hearing to receive comments concerning the proposal and recommended property-tax-millage rates for 2020.

Oct 15,2019

Video Highlighting City's Efforts to Transition to Clean Energy Sources (click here)

In collaboration with the Petoskey Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation and the CS Mott Foundation, the City has initiated efforts to transition to clean energy sources.

Sep 06,2019

City Seeks Master Planning Public Involvement

Petoskey community launches "Livable Petoskey."  Preservation of natural resources, efforts to build the local economy, and management of climate variability impacts are all necessary to continue our region’s high quality of life.  As part of the master plan update process, these issues will be discussed.

Jun 20,2019

City Approves 100% Renewable Energy by 2035

City Council recently adopted a resolution approving a vision of 100% renewable energy powering the City's electric needs by 2035. The City of Petoskey has adopted the 2014 Petoskey Master Plan that addresses environmental, economic and social goals pertaining to long-term sustainability and resiliency within the community. The Master Plan also encourages the City to work with the Michigan Public Power Agency (MPPA) and other jurisdictions to develop and utilize alternative, renewable energy resources. City Council adopted the 2018 Action Plan with Goal Five to Develop and Promote Community Sustainability Measures by conserving energy and promoting energy efficiencies and the use of clean and renewable energy.  Addressing energy use and climate change with renewable energy goals provides an opportunity for the City to move towards greater community sustainability and resiliency.

Apr 19,2018

Voluntary Renewable Energy Program

You can contribute to making our community a greener place by choosing to have a portion, or all of your electricity generated by renewable sources. The City of Petoskey is now offering a Voluntary Renewable Energy Program for all electric customers to help create a better future for Petoskey!