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Compensation Commission

The Local Officers Compensation Commission is the body authorized to determine the salaries of all locally elected officials and perform the duties imposed upon it by subsection 5(c) of Act 279 of the Public Acts of 1909, as amended.   The Commission is made up of five members who are registered electors of the City, all appointed for five-year terms and meets as necessary.

Member Name   Date Appointed Date Reappointed Term Expires  Appointment Authority
Anne Chaffee 523 College View Drive 09-21-20 02-07-22 09-30-26 Mayor with Council approval
Anne Srigley 510 Harvey Street 09-21-20 11-06-23 09-30-27 Mayor with Council approval
VACANT   -- -- 09-30-23 Mayor with Council approval
Gordon Bourland 121 West Lake Street 09-21-20 -- 09-30-24 Mayor with Council approval
Deborah Cadieux 721 Grove Street 09-21-20 -- 09-30-25 Mayor with Council approval
(Bourland, Chairperson; Five members, five Council-appointed; five-year terms except the members first appointed; September 30 term-expiration; Meets randomly, at City Hall; City Manager, City Clerk, staff)

11/14/23 Agenda      
11/09/20 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
10/21/20 Regular Meeting Agenda       Minutes      

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