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                   PLANNING COMMISSION
               Deadline for Meetings – 2019

The dates below are predicated on any submittal going through the staff review process outlined in the City of Petoskey Developers’ Handbook; The dates are not when a plan can be submitted to staff for the first time. Click HERE to review the handbook.

                                                              Deadline for submission
Meeting Date                                        of application/materials

Thurs., Jan. 17                                            Friday, Jan. 4
Thurs., Feb. 21                                            Friday, Feb. 8
Thurs., March 21                                        Friday, March 8
Thurs., April 18                                           Friday, April 5
Thurs., May 16                                            Friday, May 3
Thurs., June 13                                           Friday, May 31
Thurs., July 18                                            Friday, July 5
Thurs., Aug. 15                                           Friday, Aug. 2
Thurs., Sept. 19                                          Friday, Sept. 6
Thurs., Oct. 17                                            Friday, Oct. 4
Thurs., Nov. 21                                            Friday, Nov. 8
Thurs., Dec. 19                                            Friday, Dec. 6