Parks & Recreation

Fred Friedli Playground Fred Friedli Playground
: Within Bayfront Park near the clock tower. 

This playground saw a complete remodeling in 2006. It features two play structures for different age groups. Open green space is also nearby for play.This playground also incorporates some universal design features for ease of accessibility.

The larger structure is intended for AGES 5-12 and the smaller structure is for AGES 2-5
Parental Supervision recommended for all Petoskey Playgrounds. Each playground is periodically monitored by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector. 

Washington Park Playground

Location: Within Washington Park.

Description: This newer play structure features elements for AGES 5-12. There is also plenty of open green space to play.


Magnus Park

Location: Within Magus Park Campground.      IMG_3096

Description: This older play structure features basic play elements and is intended for AGES 5-12.