Petoskey District Library

Parks & Recreation

courtyardLocation: The new Petoskey Public Library located at 500 East Mitchell Street. The old public library, now known as the Carnegie Building, is located at 451 East Mitchell Street. Size: 0.5 ACRE. Map to Park Area.

The Department of Parks and Recreation maintains the grounds and courtyards at these facilities as “vest-pocket” parks within the downtown area. The elevated courtyard at the Public Library at 500 East Mitchell Street has formal landscaping to compliment the building’s architecture and the courtyards main feature is the Community Labyrinth constructed with paver bricks. The labyrinth also functions as a patio area. The Carnegie Building, located across the street from the main library building, shares a connector area with the Crooked Tree Arts Center building and is utilized for meetings, receptions, etc., by the community.


        • Flag Pole
        • Stone Benches
        • Labyrinth
        • Landscaping
        • Grass patio areas