Property Taxes




  1. The City of Petoskey constitutes 26% of property taxes for non-homestead property owners within the City of Petoskey.  Homestead property owners pay 18 mills less to the Petoskey Public Schools, meaning that the City of Petoskey constitutes 40% of all property taxes collected for homestead property owners. 
  2. Two City of Petoskey millages were approved by voters, rather than City Council.  The Right of Way millage, originally 5 mills, was approved as a charter amendment in 1988.  In 2003 voters approved a 1 mill library levy (currently .9541 mills) related to the construction of the library building. 
  3. Since 1995 City property tax millages have decreased from 14.5092 mills to 13.606 mills today, a decrease of 0.9 mills.  Absent the 2003 voter approved 1 mill library levy, city property tax millages would be 1.85 mills lower than they were in 1995.