Do I need a business license? (i.e. retail, transient trader, hotel/vacation rental, bed and breakfast, etc.)

Is commercial activity allowed in public places (i.e. parks, sidewalks, alleys, etc.)

When are property taxes due?

Does the City accept the postmark as the date of delivery?

Do I have to continue paying the monthly "Ready to Serve Charge" on my water and sewer bill even if the meter is removed and there is no usage?

Why does the City keep cash reserves?

What measures does the City use to ensure adequate cash reserves exist in case of an emergency?

Why can't the City simply take money from one fund and use it for a different purpose?

Where can I find an explanation of each fund and fund type?

What are the property tax levies that the City collects?

Does the City benefit from the increased tax collected following the sale of a house?

Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate or a death certificate?