How do I find information on my property?


How do I contact the police or fire department in Petoskey?

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?

What are the winter season parking regulations?

What are the rules for skateboarding in Petoskey?


My neighbor's grass is tall and unsightly, is this legal?

What can I do about a neighbor who is storing trash on his/her property?


Do I need a business license?

Are food trucks allowed in the City of Petoskey?

Can I use my property as a vacation rental?

I'm opening a new store, do I need a license?

Where can I get a copy of my birth certificate or a death certificate?

I want to build a shed on my property, what permits do I need?

What permits do I need for an addition to my home?

Do I need a permit to put up a fence?

When is a sign permit required?


How do I contact different departments?

How do I contact the City Manager?

Can I make an appointment with the City Manager?


How do I register to vote or change my voter registration?

Where do I vote?

What do I bring with me to the polls?

How would I obtain an absentee ballot?

Do you have a permanent absentee ballot list?

Can somone else pick up my absentee ballot?

Can someone else drop off my absentee ballot?


When and where does the City Council meet?

Who is my Councilmember and how do I contact?

How can I share my view on a topic with the City Council?


How do I apply to be on a Board or Commission?


How can I determine if my property is in a business district?

What are the restrictions on garage or yard sales?

What is the zoning of a particular property?

Who should I contact if I believe my neighbor is not complying with the Zoning Ordinance?


When are property taxes due?

Does the City accept the postmark as the date of delivery?

Do I have to continue paying the monthly "Ready to Serve Charge" on my water and sewer bill even if the meter is removed and there is no usage?


Why does the City keep cash reserves?

What measures does the City use to ensure adequate cash reserves exist in case of an emergency?

Why can't the City simply take money from one fund and use it for a different purpose?

Where can I find an explanation of each fund and fund type?

What are the property tax levies that the City collects?

Does the City benefit from the increased tax collected following the sale of a house?

Skateboards are allowed at the City's Riverbend Park.  For more information on prohibited use please click here and review the ordinance.

Follow this link which will give you access to some of the basic property information. The assessed, taxable values and Homeowners Principal Residence information is accurate as of the date of transfer to the web. The building and land information is current for the upcoming assessment year. The information is subject to change before tax day December 31. Due to continuous development activity throughout the City of Petoskey, this data is for reference only. The information is presently solely for the convenience of the citizens of the City of Petoskey, and others interested in learning more about it. Specific questions should be referred to the appropriate city department. We provide this data WITHOUT WARRANTY of any kind, expressed or inferred.


Annual winter season, on-street parking regulations begin December 1 and are in place through April 1.  The regulations require parked vehicles to be altered daily from one street side to the other, between 2:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M., with parking permitted on odd-addressed sides on odd-numbered dates (beginning at 12:00 midnight) and on even-addressed sides on even-numbered dates. On-street parking is prohibited within the Central Business District from 3:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M., daily.  Public parking lots may be used.  Additionally, parking is not permitted on curb lawns or in unimproved yard areas, and vehicles cannot obstruct sidewalks, nor can vehicles be parked to straddle curbs or in areas where curbs must be mounted to park vehicles.

Zoning Permit is required for all building additions, accessory buildings or fences.


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