The Office of City Planner is responsible for community planning and the administration and enforcement of land use regulations including zoning, signage and land divisions.  Staffing includes the City Planner and an administrative assistant who is shared with the Departments of Public Works and Parks and Recreation. The Office staffs the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Commission Sign Committee, and works with the Downtown Development Authority on special projects. 

In an effort to create a network of non-motorized facilities, the Planning Commission has adopted a plan to address multi-modal transportation.  The plan is an update of the 2010 Sidewalk Plan, which has been successfully implemented to add 5 miles of sidewalk over the past five years.  The updated plan also incorporates non-motorized trail miles and on-street facilities such as bike routes and bike lanes.  The plan can be seen HERE.

A series of workshops to develop conceptual plans for the Emmet Streetscape were held in early May. A summary of the outreach effort can be read here, and all of the conceptual drawings developed can be found here.

The Old Town Emmet Neighborhood Plan has been completed and can be seen here.

The Planning Commission completed its five-year review and update of the Master Plan.  The adopted plan can be seen HERE.

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Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is the body authorized to create and approve a master plan as a guide for community development. The Commission then implements the plan through recommendations on zoning ordinance amendments, development of the capital improvements program, and review of development proposals and creation of sub-area plans. The Commission consists of nine members, and is staffed by the City Planner. The members are appointed for three-year terms and meetings are held at 7:00 P.M., the third Thursday of each month at City Hall.